1. I am open and willing to receive abundance and nourishment from myself, the universe and others.

  2. I am affluent and prosperous where I may place my intentions.

  3. I gracefully surrender to the process of creating the life I desire.

  4. Abundance and prosperity is my birthright and it is safe for me to embrace it.

  5. It is safe for me to live my life free of limitations.

  6. I am surrounded by infinite abundance.

  7. I trust the universal spirit of prosperity, growth and abundance.

  8. I give myself permission to live in a state of abundance and bliss.

  9. I am in a state of never ending gratitude for the fountain of abundance that flows into my life every moment of every day.

  10. I am so grateful for the opportunities the universe presents me with every day.

  11. I am deserving of my desires becoming my reality.

  12. True love and boundless abundance surround me everyday.

  13. I am so grateful for the smallest blessings in my life as they make the biggest waves.

  14. My reality is that of which I have created for myself.

  15. Thank you Universe, for co-creating this magical life of abundance and growth with me.

  16. May my cup overflowing so much so, that I am able to refill those who need it most.

  17. I live in a life full of effortless abundance where my life flows with the waves of the constellations.

  18. I am so grateful for even the smallest of blessings, as they make the biggest difference.

  19. I choose to focus on everything that I currently have in front of me rather than the things I do not.

  20. It is easy and enjoyable for me to manifest the things I desire.

  21. As I inhale and close my eyes to visualize my desires, a soothing cool light surrounds me; and as I exhale and flutter my eyes open, I feel grounded and peaceful in knowing what I crave is already mine.

  22. I let go of any idea that my abundance has to look a certain way.

  23. I release any stories of abundance that are not my own, and welcome in my own definition of it.

  24. Abundance comes in many forms, and I am grateful for all of them. 

  25. My abundance is limitless.

  26. As I inhale and exhale, any doubt of my abundance fades away and a healing blue light surrounds my heart.

  1. Setting healthy boundaries is not about restriction but taking care of my soul.

  2. I give myself permission to say “no”.

  3. My time and my energy is my own, and it is safe for me to be mindful of how it is spent.

  4. I release any and all guilt behind setting energetic boundaries.

  5. It is safe for me to feel the emotions of those around me without taking on their energy as my own.

  6. When I respect my own boundaries, I step into my full power.

  7. I feel confident in the boundaries I am set for my energetic and personal well being.

  8. My boundaries are non-negotiable and I am unapologetic for it.

  9. My time and energy are priceless and sacred, and it is wise that I protect them.

  10. I release any guilt behind setting boundaries with loved ones and embrace becoming a better ‘me’ for doing it.

  11. I am grounded in my self worth and protect my integrity.

  12. It is healthy and safe for me to stand up for myself, my energy and my spirit.

  13. Setting boundaries does not make me defensive, but lovingly protective of my soul.

  14. By setting clear boundaries, those I love that truly love me back, will be open and receptive to them.

  15. As I stand firm in my boundaries, a self love and confidence I have never known, flows through my body.

  16. It is easy for me to decide where my boundaries begin and end.

  17. My boundaries do not make me stoic, they make me wise.

  1. My knowledge, skills and abilities improve the lives of others.

  2. I now choose to take action over waiting for perfection.

  3. I choose decision over procrastination.

  4. I am free of all self doubt and exude self confidence in my craft.

  5. I am one one of the biggest thought leaders within the realm of (your craft).

  6. I attract an endless flow of boundless creativity and authenticity that effortlessly draws in my ideal client every single day.

  7. My ambitions are in perfect alignment with my personal values.

  8. Creating solutions comes naturally to me.

  9. I am committed to my goals, my passion and my soul purpose.

  10. As I up-level, so do those around me.

  11. All of my sacred action planning is manifesting in the hands of the Universe for my highest good.

  12. I confidently release control to plan every detail of my business and focus on creative, inspired actions that bring me joy.

  13. Slow and steady wins the race, I am patient in my own personal success journey.

  14. My own success journey is unique to me and I release all comparison to those around me.

  15. When I focus my intent on service of those I care about, the right doors always open for me.

  16. When I focus on taking inspired action ONLY, my business thrives because I am having fun.

  17. It is easy to me to tap into my universal flow without feeling the need to burnout.

  18. My business is the most successful when I am having the most fun.

  19. This season, I release the need to “hustle” and embrace the idea of playfulness guiding my way to success.

  20. I trust that the universe hears me and is opening doors for my future.

  21. My success does not have to look a certain way.

  22. I release the desire to model my business and it’s success after what others have done before me, and I welcome in their inspiration while creating my own reality.

  23. I trust that the universe always has my best interest in heart.

  24. I release the need to control every detail on my road to success and welcome in the feminine energy of flow.

  25. I am open minded and creative in my business.

  26. I can become successful without “hustle”.

  27. My work ethic is FLOW.

  1. Today I am present within myself.

  2. I am grounded, confident, worthy and whole.

  3. I am aligned with my highest truth.

  4. I honor my sacred life, all that I am and all that is within me.

  5. I flow from my roots, deeply woven into the earth.

  6. I am calm, strong, centered and peaceful.

  7. My roots are planted deeply in the earth, through which peace flows.

  8. I am grounded, and find comfort in the home of my soul.

  9. The natural rhythm of the earth's vibrations, is in sync with the beat of my heart.

  10. I am connected deeply to the Earth and her medicine.

  11. Every time I breathe deeply, I root even deeper into my innate divine essence.

  12. As I press my feet into the ground, I feel the healing vibrations of Mother Earth flow through me.

  13. When the sunlight warms my face, my soul illuminates and I know I am divinely protected and safe.

  14. In a world of that oscillates through time and space, I stand firmly in divine grace.

  15. As I root my being in the present moment of existence, years of ancient wisdom from those who have come before me, flows through me.

  16. Even in the midst of chaos, I find my roots and rise with peace.

  17. Although I am grounded and my roots are strong - my roots are also flexible.

  18. With each barefoot step along the pavement, my path becomes more clear as the earth's vibrations guide my every turn.

  19. In seasons of change, I return to the feeling of my breath and feel stable.

  20. My inhales and exhales are in sync with the oceans tide.

  21. Even in massive growth and the changing of the seasons, I am grounded and adaptable.

  22. My roots are flexible, and carry me where I need to go.

  23. I am one with the vibrations of the earth.

  1. I let go of what no longer serves me to create space for joy, peace and light.

  2. There are no openings in my heart for destructive based energies.

  3. Brand new energy is flowing into my life, refreshing my heart and cleansing my soul.

  4. I release the fear of the things I cannot control to embrace and trust in the warmth and protection of the universe.

  5. I choose to release all resentment from my mind, body, and spirit.

  6. As I inhale love and light, I exhale fear.

  7. I now choose to let go of all thought patterns that are not uniquely my own.

  8. I am grateful for the lessons of past seasons in my life and choosing to now live in the present.

  9. I release attachment to a specific outcome and hold onto the knowing that “it doesn’t have to look a certain way”.

  10. I free myself of emotional bindings that were never my own.

  11. I let go of my tight grip of control and gently ease into the loving, guiding arms of the angels.

  12. I trust in the Universe to hear my intentions, see my actions and manifest my visions.

  13. I have faith and trust in my angels to carry me through these times I feel I cannot use my own feet.

  14. In moments of uncertainty, I remember I cannot make a wrong choice, because what is meant for me will not pass me by.

  15. Even when life is chaotic, I allow myself to feel my emotions and I release them, only looking forward.

  16. I let go of the need to be the perfect ________ and embrace my humanity and know I do my best; which is more than enough.

  17. I release the pride attached to feeling like I have to do things alone and embrace and welcome the help of others.

  18. I let go of the fear and ego behind asking for help when I need it.

  19. I release the anger, jealousy and grudges I have from the past, and move forward with clean and loving energy.

  20. I let go of invisible expectations I may have created for myself and embrace my true nature.

  21. I release the need to be the same person I have always been and allow my authenticity to flow.

  22. I release the fear of what others think of me and welcome in the accepting love of the universe.

  1. My biggest commitment is to listen to my mind, body and soul.

  2. All I need in life, is already within me.

  3. I send endless vibrations of love and life through every cell of my body.

  4. It is okay to retreat from the world when I need to water my soul.

  5. I am meant to be exactly where I am.

  6. I am divinely loved, guided and created.

  7. There is immense power in filling my own cup before giving to others.

  8. When I am well taken care of, my life prospers.

  9. Taking care of my spirit is not selfish. It’s essential.

  10. I allow myself permission to put myself first.  

  11. I choose to accept and love myself, unconditionally.

  12. I am allowed to say a “healthy no” to others and a healing “yes” to myself.

  13. I am allowed to break down in order for a healthy branch to grow.

  14. I embody femininity to its truest essence - just as I am in this moment.

  15. I am so grateful for my beautiful temple that is my body, for gently it carries me through the waves of life

  16. It is safe for me to say “no” when something is not in my financial best interest and is a massive act of self respect and self love.

  17. I feel no need to apologize for taking care of myself.

  18. I let go of all negative self talk and focus on the light inside of me.

  19. My self worth is boundless and evergreen.

  20. I am deserving of all good things.

  21. I accept myself exactly as I am.

  22. I love myself at my best and I love myself when I am on a learning curve.

  23. My body is sacred and I love every inch of it.

  24. My mind is a beautiful tool that I am grateful to explore everyday.

  25. My heart is an endless river of love, and by loving my self first, I can give my overflowing love to the rest of the world.

  1. My energy is grounded deeply into the roots of the earth.

  2. While I am firmly planted, I also allow myself the ability to flow.

  3. I focus my intentions on living in the most present moment, always.

  4. I am grounded, but find balance in letting my guard down in order to allow water to nourish my roots.

  5. I am divinely aligned with the heart and soul of a redwood tree.

  6. My roots are strong and firm, but nurturing and kind.

  7. I tap into my flow and divine feminine easily.

  1. I use my empathic gifts and nurturing nature to uplift and guide those who need my light.

  2. I release my need to take on others emotions as my own and I have clear energetic boundaries that allow me to choose to tap into the energies and emotions of those around me.

  3. My psychic abilities are refined and more tuned in every single day.

  4. My flowing nature allows me to effortlessly move through changes.

  5. While my nature is very nurturing, I find the balance in tending to my own waters.

  6. It is safe for me to allow myself to grow.

  1. I am full of boundless creativity and inspiration, and inspire others with my fire.

  2. I release my fear of needing to control all aspects of my life in order to find and embrace my flow.

  3. I find joy in all areas of my life and have fun living in the highest version of myself.

  4. I light the world up, and inspire masses with my energetic spark.

  5. While it is easy to shift into a hustle energy, I find balance in restfulness.

  6. Just as I charge through anything may come my way, I allow and welcome change and gently find balance by leaning into the discomfort.

Copy of Earth (1).png
  1. I use my ideas, talents and passions to educate and uplift the world around me.

  2. I release my need to overthink and over-analyze in order to tap into my intuition to guide me.

  3. I am a thought leader in my field and I used my gifts to impact the lives of others.

  4. Though my soul soars with the angels, my energy remains grounded and strong.

  5. Creative energy flows abundantly through my veins and I am my own muse.

  6. When my energy feels like I cannot come back down, the angels gently guide me back down to earth.