A New Perspective


When I first started my yoga teacher training, I was absolutely mind blown.

As I learned and binged books and lessons on all things mindset, energy, Ayurveda, sutras, etc - I thought I knew a lot. I was well educated. However, as I get older and learn even more, I discover that I truly barely knew anything compared to the ancient wisdom that exists, and that excites the hell out of me. Because when I shifted into the mindset of knowing I didn’t know everything - learning became so much more fun, and I became much more receptive to the deep life lessons within even the things I DID already learn.

One of those lessons actually is about actions; on so many different levels. From friendships and romantic relationships, on the meter of making commitments and saying things but not having actions to prove them, but even on a parenting aspect. Something Dalea and I are going to delve into on podcast soon is actions and experiences rather than words and material items. As a parent you want to give your kids the world and spoil them. Which is fine, but when you do that, and you buy ALL the toys and ALL the gadgets - you’ll soon realize they barley play with even a 1/4 of them. They don’t see the value. Not like they do in experiences and love and family time.

This next chapter in California is bringing LOADS of change and mindset shifts for myself and every member of my family. I’m sure my fur baby even realizes it hehe.

Cheers to change and always being a student, FIRST!

Sarah Anderegg