Aquarius Full Moon

Hello Mama Moon… we send our love and Gratitude!

Hello Mama Moon… we send our love and Gratitude!

Get excited! Our next full moon is on August 15th! The full moon is a beautiful time to celebrate your intentions coming into manifestation and soak in gratitude.

This moon we are floating through the airy energy of Aquarius. This full moon is a time to get super grounded, get clarity on your practices and how sustainable they are.

“A new consciousness has been emerging through the age of Aquarius, and a rapid spiritual awakening is occurring, which science, and organized religions have not yet fully tapped into.” ―J.J. Hughes

Time for a healthy reality check, is what you are doing or how you are operating your life sustainable? And by sustainable, I mean for the years to come? Are you running your body and energy into the ground by forcing yourself to hustle every minute of every waking hour? Aquarius is encouraging you to ground yourself in sustainability so that you are operating from a place of flow.

With the full moon, comes full moon fun right?

Full Moon in aquarius must haves for us:

Here is an essential oil blend you can add to your diffuser or make a roller bottle/spray to enjoy the energy this moon offers you! One of our favorite practices is finding an affirmation that aligns with our energetic intentions and using that as a mantra when we apply our oils, or add them to the diffuser.


We feel that one of the most important elements in any full moon ritual or practice, is that of Gratitude. For this we created Full Moon Blessings Journal Pages, and hope that you find that it serves you in discovering more about yourself, and what you are grateful for! Add them to a 3 ring binder, or your Grimoire so that you can look back to each moon cycle, and witness your blessings and your growth!

Dalea Faulkner