Card Pulls: Inside The Sacred Circle


We wanted to share some of the incredible magick that is Inside The Sacred Circle with you, here on the blog. With over 13 different categories, there are multiple ways for you to fill up your energetic cup, so that you can in turn pour your light into others, even more. Today we wanted to share about our Monthly Card Pulls.

Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards, and the like, are an important part of our personal and business practices. When we were creating The Sacred Circle, we knew this was an element that we wanted to share.


Why are Card Pulls an important element of The Sacred Circle?

Each month the two of us share an energetic reading taking on one of two energies:

  • Business

  • Spiritual

We rotate between doing the business and spiritual pulls so that each reading has fresh eyes and fresh energy each month. We feel that sharing these energetic readings through card pulls can help you take a look at your life and business from a new perspective, and give you the ability to focus on things that you may have not noticed.

Here is an example of our Card Pull readings from April 2019:

Business - Pull by Sarah


The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards were my very first set of spiritual cards I ever owned, and so I found it perfectly fitting to use this deck to pull my first card for you. Each Goddess has a gorgeous and stunning imagery as well as a message from her on the front of the card. The message on the front of April’s card: “Honor the cycles of your body, energy levels and emotions. This obviously can ring true to our physical bodies, especially as women, due to the importance of listening to our bodies. This message also directly correlates to business because as entrepreneurs, employees, etc, we give SO much from a cup that may not even be full, or half full at that. April’s Business Message: Remember that self care isn’t selfish. I see images of someone who is exhausted, depleted and still is trying to fill themselves with artificial energy in order to power through when what they need to do is reset. It’s like trying to swim against the current. Your body and your intuition send messages that are both subtle and very blunt on the daily. I’m sure as you read this you are recalling all the little signs you’ve been given as of late. Take the time to listen to what your body is saying. Feel the rhythms of your body and your emotions and your momentum instead of trying to force them to match a different frequency. Open your mind and heart to what you are craving and take care of yourself first. Evaluate your energy and actions in your business and know that when you take care of yourself first - you are giving the best version of yourself to your business and whomever it may serve.

Spirit - Pull by Dalea


I was intensely drawn to the Untethered Soul deck for our Spiritual message for the month of April. When I sat down to do this reading, I asked, “What does our Community need right now?” and felt the energies of the cards. The beautiful thing about this deck, is that the backs of the cards have a variety of messages as well. The message on the back of April’s card: Going Beyond. This can mean so much on it’s own. What is it that you need to go beyond, to get closer to your soul, to your essence? The deeply spiritual message for the community hit me so hard, and I know that it will do the same for you. April’s Spiritual Message: True Freedom is very close; it’s just on the other side of your walls. What walls have you surrounded yourself with? Are there walls around your heart? Your mind? Have you been keeping those you love at arms length for fear of fully living in your authenticity? Sit here in this space, and really think about where you’d like to feel more freedom in your life. Explore those places, and look for the walls. Once you find them, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Why should you Join The Sacred Circle?

Regardless of age, where you are in your journey and life path - we all could use a little more Magick in our lives. We all crave divine alignment, learning how to co-create with life and find our flow, in order to live more peacefully and balanced. It’s a never ending learning process, even for us as the creators. We’re always students first and that’s why even WE use our own membership everyday

The Sacred Circle is for

  • The stay at home mom who needs to start taking care of herself again

  • The badass entrepreneur woman who needs to balance her work and life relationships

  • The more mature woman who’s in a later phase in life who craves to feel Magick in her everyday life

  • The young woman who feels like she doesn’t have a tribe or place she “fits in” to become part of a tribe of supportive and strong women from all walks of life

Why should you join? 

You should join because the infinite resources that are updated every month to help rejuvenate, revive and refuel your soul will set your life on fire in the biggest yet most peaceful way.

We would love to welcome you into the Sacred Circle today, to provide a space to help you Shine, invoke the Divine Feminine in you, and help you learn to align and find your flow!

The Moon Sisters