Don't worry about the HOW

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Let’s chat about dreams.

We all have them, we share them, and support one another in chasing and attaining them. But how often do we actually get there?

Now hear me out. I think everyone can reach whatever goals or dreams they have, regardless of your spouse having a different plan, having children, where you live, etc. I think that where we mess ourselves up is - worrying too much on the HOW - of course to some degree, basic logistics come into play.

But honestly, once you set your sights, just take the first step to get there, followed by the second and the third. I genuinely believe that if you set your intention and do the necessary action steps - the universe will handle the rest.

Don’t worry about “how”.

That isn’t your job. You see?

It’s not your job to figure “how” life itself works.

It’s your job to live it while you’re still here.

Sarah Anderegg