Embracing Your Sensitivity

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Today, I am feeling a lot of feelings; and I wanted to share them with you because I have learned so much about myself over the years, I’ve learned so many life lessons, I’ve learned about what it means to be a highly sensitive person, or an “HSP”. And I know I am not alone, so I hope this speaks to some of you.

Today, I woke up feeling heavy and uneasy. My skin is tingling in not the best of ways. I feel everything in my heart chakra, and it’s quite unsettled.

The reason being? Clutter. To most people, my house is actually incredibly neat and tidy. Even to my husband who is a Marine, and honestly does an impeccable job when he does clean. But for me, being an HSP, and ESPECIALLY being a creative and very feminine, I have learned that living a more minimalist lifestyle is one of the best ways to go. If my exterior world even had a tad bit of excess clutter, my inner world is a little shaky.

I haven’t always been an HSP, super feminine creative though. Well, let me rephrase that. I haven’t always KNOWN I was an HSP, super feminine creative. For a large portion of my life, I thought I had to step into this role of being the “tough” one. I thought that being sensitive was a weakness and the exact opposite of being strong.

But when I think back to my earlier childhood, and I mean REALLY dig deep, I can recall being told I needed “thicker skin”, and to “stop being so sensitive” as a little girl...and the list goes on. From then on, I started holding in my emotions, developing a bullet proof, shatter proof shell that not many people could tamper with. I was raised with a very old fashioned, ironclad mindset that…

I needed to take care of myself because nobody else would.

That I should NEVER be too trusting of anyone, no matter what.

Most people don’t do good things with expecting a return.

Always look over my shoulder.

You can never be TOO careful with people.

“Waiting for the other shoe to drop”

Of course I was raised with a ton of other incredible lessons and mindset tools, but those heavy ones really stuck with me. Finally later on into adulthood after having two children, postpartum depression, losing loved ones and moving to a super secluded island….

I finally broke! FINALLY.

It was hard and it was heavy but it also felt like I could breathe again. It was almost peaceful.

I had an emotional meltdown from the buildup of emotions I had been shutting out over the years trying to maintain a tough appearance to the world. I started to learn more about personal development, neurolinguistic programming, EFT, I did a 200 hour yoga teacher training and so much more.

Fast forward to the moment I am writing this, I can recall who I was as a little girl BEFORE developing that outer shell and I am becoming more like her everyday. I have learned that being sensitive is SUPERPOWER and a GIFT. I have learned that stepping into my feminine power is where pure magic happens.

On days like today when my sensitivity is at a high, and I’m feeling the anxiety kick in, I take a deep breath and remind myself how amazing it is that I can feel so many things, and that I can choose how I interpret them.

So now, I am going to journal a little bit more with our prompt from the Sacred Circle, probably sit down with our Renewing meditation that is in one of our previous blog posts, do some affirmation magic and refresh my surroundings my doing a little spring cleaning. Then I can operate from a flowing energy of peace, feminine and tranquility.

If you’re feeling a lot of feelings, just know that it is truly a gift and you can use the tools we’ve created for you to help flow with them instead of against them..

I can’t wait to see that magic that you create.

SO much love and light,


Sarah Anderegg