Finding your Path


We both had to start and fail.

Not even fail, but we both had to start and revisit so many different business ideas, events, and make the wrong choices.

Get into debt, and get out of debt.

Maybe more than once.

Raise your hand.

We are both raising our hands.

We've done it.

I wanted to point that out because I know it's one thing to listen to a podcast from people that you look at as like, "oh my gosh, everything they're saying sounds, you know, like Xyz. You know what I mean?" But it's another thing to know, we had to do that too. And we are still learning.

I vividly remember all the conversations we had about:

"I think I'm going to start doing this program."

"I think I want to make this course."

And if we hadn't have done all those things, we wouldn't have accumulated all of the knowledge and resources that we've been able to make, for you. We wouldn't have been able to say, "let's do this."

And we want to be so crystal clear, honest, and completely transparent with you. We've done the hard stuff and gone down the wrong paths for us. Not necessarily the wrong path, because it might be the right path for other people. But all of that led to this collaboration. Everything that we've created on our own, while it is powerful and still impactful and beautiful... when we came together and started creating these resources together, it's this amazing thing!

We would not have been able to create The Moon Sisters, if we hadn't done those things, made those mistakes, and gone down those paths that weren't for us. Have you ever felt like you weren't on the right path?

Sarah Anderegg