Introducing... The Moon Sisters!

Yes, we are truly this weird and adorable in real life. Promise.

Yes, we are truly this weird and adorable in real life. Promise.

Two kindred spirits happen to finally find one another with much thanks to both The Universe and social media - actually, a social media training at that! These two ambitious female entrepreneurs had visions of what their businesses would transform into and the lives that they would create for themselves. After a single phone call about essential oil education and multiple “eeep!”’s and “me too!'“‘s and naturally a ton of, “AHHH!”, that phone call turned into days of text messages. Those days turned to weeks and months. Those months evolved into many late night revelations about family, life and manifestations. Not to mention video calls and frequent scheduled coffee chats and impromptu coaching sessions.

Ah-Ha! But keep in mind this was all over social media.

In September of 2018, these two along with Dalea’s magical mother Martina, finally united (or truly, reunited) for the purpose of an essential oil convention which naturally lead to a transformative bonding, intellectual coffee chats over lemon bars, endless intoxicating laughter and energy that could recharge the whole state.

After going through so many different evolutions and uplevels of the spirit, body, mind and business - along with the nature of the universes unpredictable ways - the duo had recently found themselves overflowing with excitement, creativity and alignment.

One Friday during conversation, the universe finally put it’s foot down and smacked them both with a complete FACE PALM moment. They realized they not only were basically sisters, but they shared the same dreams, hopes, visions. They had the same intentions and passions. They shared the same principles, ideals and missions. Why not combine their minds together to create magick like the world had never seen before?

What could possibly be birthed from such magic between these powerful women?

“The Moon Sisters” Tribe

Sarah Anderegg