Celebrate the sunshine and our journey into our deeper selves.

Celebrate the sunshine and our journey into our deeper selves.

Over the next few days, we welcome in another new season, and turn in the wheel of the year. Litha!

Litha goes by many names, but you may be most familiar with “Midsummer” or the “Summer Solstice”. This beautiful seasonal shift brings us into the longest period of light, and is the beginning of our journey into the cooler winter months.

Hold the phone! It’s not winter yet, and there is abundant sunshine to celebrate. The beauty of Litha is that it gives us an opportunity to work even deeper within ourselves to uncover any unhealthy patterns or habits that we don’t want to carry on with anymore. You can see clearly within yourself what you want to shift, with the help of the light of the sun! So… what are some ways that you can celebrate this special day?

Rituals & Activities to celebrate Litha


One of my favorite physical representations of the Sun is the Sunflower. It’s bright and cheery colors, combined with it’s open blossom is a recipe for smiles! Visit a local sunflower field, and bring these beauties home! You can also find wild sunflowers nearby, or if that’s not an option you can check out your local farmer’s market or grocery store.

Morning Dew

A beautiful addition to celebrating the magick of LItha is collecting the morning dew. (Yes! Just like Beltane!) You can use this Morning Dew in rituals, cleansing sprays, spells, and elixirs. The morning dew from Litha is said to call in continued happiness and health.

Fire Ritual

If you have the means, and can do so safely, create a bonfire and celebrate with friends, family, music, and delicious foods. If you don’t have the ability to create a bonfire, you can always set the intention and light a candle (or ten!) instead! Turn your fire into a fire ritual by making an herbal mixture of:

  • Dried Vervain

  • Dried Yarrow

  • Dried Fern

  • Dried St. John’s Wort

Once you have this herbal blend, you can grind it up and throw it into the fire! (Be mindful that this can change the way the fire is burning so always practice with caution!)

Essential Oils

Litha is a time for clarity, cleansing, in which you can of course utilize essential oils in your practice. Here is a blend that you can add to your diffuser, to a roller bottle, or to an elixir blend with herbs.

  • 2 drops Clary Sage

  • 4 drops Lemon

  • 1 drop Frankincense


We have a FREE Summer Solstice Meditation for you! You can do this meditation daily, all summer long, before the Summer Solstice and even after. The meditation is geared to wake up every cell in your body, and energize them with vibrational solar energy.

Please make yourself comfortable by either lying down, sitting in a chair, or on a supportive pillow on the floor. Before you begin your meditation practice, close your eyes and start with 3 deep breaths. If you are working with an essential oil, and have put the essential oil in your hands, you can cup them over your nose during these three breath cycles.

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Dalea Faulkner