Living in Flow


Isn’t it wonderful, how life is always happening for us, and never to us? When we allow ourselves to flow with life, we allow even more of the feelings we desire to come to us. One of the most difficult decisions and steps I’ve taken in the last 5 months was to stop “hustling”. Society glorifies being busy, and working to exhaustion... and I used to live there all the time. 

Of course there were fears in giving up the hustle...
• What if my income changes?
• What will others think of me?
• Will I be letting _____ down?

Honestly the fears will just keep accumulating, until you take a step in the direction of flow. I realized that ultimately none of those things mattered, and that forcing things to turn out instead of allowing them to happen as needed was what was killing my mojo, light, and energy. Some people may have you convinced that living in flow means living in “inaction”. I disagree. Living in flow is to live from inspired action, inspired desire, and inspired creation.

You know exactly what to do, when you are coming from that place of flow. Even better? It actually feels good to do it.

What will you do this week (or not do!) to allow yourself to live and give more from a space of flow?

Dalea Faulkner