LOA and the FEAR around saying NO

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You’re allowed to say “no”. A lot of the time because we are told to live and act as though we already have “XYZ” - it can get you into trouble if you take that too literally. It doesn’t mean go spend $10,000 on a shiny new toy because you are living as though you’re already bringing 10K in as pocket change. .

It’s in your behaviors and in your mindset that this applies. In how you carry yourself and speak. The energy you allow and the boundaries you set. How you take care of yourself.

A lot of the time I hear that people are afraid to say “no, I can’t afford this right now” because they are afraid to bring more of that energy in. I understand that but let’s look at it this way. You saying “no it’s not in my financial best interest right now” is NOT a bad thing. If it is in your best interest to say NO right now, that’s showing MASSIVE growth, maturity and responsibility to the universe. It shows that you know how to manage your finances where you are right now and that when you DO make enough that that 10k from before is your pocket change - that you’ll be wise and know how to handle it. Because that’s how you get there - knowing how to take care of your finances.

I’ve been the person who spent way too much money and paid for it later because I was trying to live the life of the next level me. But really the next level me is NOT about what money can buy. It’s about the respect I have for myself, my boundaries, my energetic boundaries, how I value my time and space, how I create, my mindset, self care, how I nurture my relationships and so much more. .

Don’t be so afraid you say “yes” when the power of a healthy “no” is FAR FAR underestimated. 

Sarah Anderegg