Meditation: Inside The Sacred Circle


We wanted to share some of the incredible magick that is Inside The Sacred Circle with you, here on the blog. With over 13 different categories, there are multiple ways for you to fill up your energetic cup, so that you can in turn pour your light into others, even more. Today we wanted to share about The Sound Bath.

The Sound Bath is mostly made up of meditations but also has guided Audio Yoga flows. In this space you will find different Meditations and Audio Yoga Flows that cater to evoking specific needs or celestial occurrences.


Why is meditation an important element of The Sacred Circle?

We believe that Meditation is a crucial element to mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Meditation is a beautiful way to tap into your higher self, explore your chakras, and let go of that which does not serve you. It is a way for the mind to uncover elements of the self that need more tenderness and care, and also elements of strength and fire that you can fuel.

Currently, at the time of writing this post, these are the meditations that are available to those with a Membership to The Sacred Circle:

  • Renewing Affirmation Meditation

  • Gratitude and Heart Glow Meditation (Heart Chakra)

  • Libra Full Moon Meditation

  • Scorpio Full Moon Meditation

  • Summer Solstice Meditation

  • Confidence and Boundaries Meditation (Solar Plexus Chakra)

  • Releasing Anxiety Meditation

  • Sacred Creation Meditation (Sacral Chakra)

As new tracks become available, they are uploaded to The Sound Bath for our Sacred Circle Members. Nearly all of our Meditations are approximately 10 minutes long, and are guided with beautiful accompanying music. If you’d like a sampling of our meditations, you can access what we have available for free in our Resources.

Remember that this is just ONE of the categories Inside The Sacred Circle to evoke the Divine Feminine in you.

Why should you Join The Sacred Circle?

Regardless of age, where you are in your journey and life path - we all could use a little more Magick in our lives. We all crave divine alignment, learning how to co-create with life and find our flow, in order to live more peacefully and balanced. It’s a never ending learning process, even for us as the creators. We’re always students first and that’s why even WE use our own membership everyday

The Sacred Circle is for

  • The stay at home mom who needs to start taking care of herself again

  • The badass entrepreneur woman who needs to balance her work and life relationships

  • The more mature woman who’s in a later phase in life who craves to feel Magick in her everyday life

  • The young woman who feels like she doesn’t have a tribe or place she “fits in” to become part of a tribe of supportive and strong women from all walks of life

Why should you join? 

You should join because the infinite resources that are updated every month to help rejuvenate, revive and refuel your soul will set your life on fire in the biggest yet most peaceful way.

We would love to welcome you into the Sacred Circle today, to provide a space to help you Shine, invoke the Divine Feminine in you, and help you learn to align and find your flow!

The Moon Sisters