Meet Sarah


Hello loves!

Aries Sun - Gemini Moon - Leo Rising

Aries Sun - Gemini Moon - Leo Rising

I am so excited to be able to connect with you and get to know you a little bit more. Ever since I was a little girl, I was extra aware of how aware I was  - if that make sense? I was incredibly sensitive to the vibrations of the people and places around me and I could pick up on others emotions without even trying. As a little girl, that was both useful and challenging. I didn’t really know very much about the world of personal development yet, let alone “woo”. But I do have memories of seeing “The Secret” in my grandmother or my step mothers home.

But the one thing that I learned very early on, that I try to instill my children and encourage all of you to remember everyday of your life, is that you have a choice. In anything. Regardless of any circumstances you may find yourself in. You see, a lot of the time, and because we are human - if you feel like you do NOT have a choice, that is just your brain trying to light the way to the path of least resistance.

Your brain doesn’t want you to get uncomfortable - but it’s often and usually always necessary for growth. I knew very early on that my circumstances only would define me if I allowed them to.

Fast forward to two children and more than a handful of relocating due to the military, I found myself feeling lost, confused, and in search of something that was bigger than myself.

I was able to get a scholarship to do a 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training and throughout that time, it completely transformed my heart, mind, body and soul. All the sudden all those ideas and thoughts and emotions and sensitivities made SENSE to me. But more importantly, they made sense to other people. And all the sudden I wasn’t alone anymore.

I learned SO much about mindfulness, EFT, yoga, our chakras and their alignment, self care and why it is NOT selfish to put myself first (very difficult to learn as a mother and wife!) and more than I can ever truly layout for you because I am still learning today and everyday.

It is my soul purpose and biggest passion to encourage, uplift and empower women to align and find their flow, balance (whether work/life, or otherwise) and to co-create with life by using self care and mindfulness.

Something that I talk about often, is that when you learn to work with the universe, the universe starts working with and for YOU. I am so excited to share this sacred space with all of you lovely tribe members and thank you for sharing your time and energy with a big part of our souls.

When I am not creating magickal content or products for you lovelies in “The Moon Sisters” Tribe, I am spending my time mentoring female entrepreneurs, helping them boost their businesses by integrating self care and mindfulness, bonding with my wonderful husband, two crazy boys and fur baby.

Or hiding in the back of a used book store and/or cafe to work on my childrens books - those are some of my favorite places to be!

I cannot wait to see you shine!

The light and love inside of me, recognizes the light and love inside of you.

Sarah Anderegg