Our Vision


From the beginning stages of creating “The Moon Sisters” and I mean VERY BEGINNING, when all it consisted of was two best friends on a FaceTime call talking about how fun it would be to do “something” together - ALL the way through the design process, content creating, planning, choosing brand fonts, color codes, recording meditations and writing affirmations, ALL the way through registering our trademark and officially signing partnership agreements - the one thing that we kept number one above everything else and even above our own joy throughout the process, was value. What really fires us up is the idea of creating an entire culture, our TRIBE, of Moon Sisters. To build a community that even though we are all in different journeys and stages in our lives and searching for different things, we all support one another on the universal path to grounding our souls, becoming complete, discovering our truest and highest selves and not being afraid to shine our authenticity at it’s brightest.

The one thing we didn’t discuss in the process? The price. From the conception of just the thought of “The Moon Sisters” until it was completely ready to launch - we knew we of course had to decide on a price. We knew what we thought sounded good and later on had a meeting to discuss the logistics of course. But again, we wanted value and our mission and vision of our service to you to be the of the most importance. Providing a life changing experience, and pouring our souls and a truly priceless value into every single one of our Tribe Members, or even just someone who looked into our free resources, was what we cared about the most. We’ve both had our own life experiences that while they were not always ideal in the moment, the lessons we have been learning, for truly our entire lives, are lessons, values and wisdom that we want to share.

Our vision is to change the lives of thousand of souls throughout the entire planet, with the resources that helped us change our own.

Sarah Anderegg