Raise your Vibe

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This is a follow up post that is a wonderful addition to Cleanse your Space! It’s so important to fill up your space with high vibrational energy during and after a cleanse, so we wanted to include a share about ways that you can do this.

If you haven’t yet immersed yourself in the world of crystals, today is going to “rock” your world. I promise I won’t try to drop too many puns, but I really couldn’t help it with this one.

Since you are going to also be using Lemon essential oil today, I recommend starting out with a quartz crystal. This crystal is know to amplify energy and intentions, and is one of the highest vibrating crystals you can work with. Today is all about raising your vibration and cultivating more positivity.

Use your Lemon in a diffuser, in your hands, or straight from the bottle today. Hold your Quartz crystal in your non dominant hand as you answer these questions, so you can infuse those positive vibrations into it. 

  • What makes you happy?

  • What activities would you like to do, that you haven’t, that would make you happy?

  • Can you do any of these today, or cultivate the feelings that would come as a result of doing those activities? 

  • What lights up your heart?

Think about this and inhale your Lemon. Close your eyes and imagine all of these positive feelings as a bright white light covering you from head to toe. The light starts to collect around your heart center as a bright orb, and you see the orb flow down your arm into the crystal. Every time you want to experience these positive feelings, hold this crystal in your hands... the aroma of lemon surrounding you, and you vibrating at the highest frequency, as your highest self.

You can really use any essential oils or crystals that bring a smile to your face, and a pep in your step. Ultimately, if you are filling your mind, body, soul, and space with high vibrational energy, you’re on the right track!

Your affirmation today: “I am a divine being of light and love.”

Dalea Faulkner