Redefining Success


Let's talk about Success!

I redefined success for myself because when I went to Date with Destiny, being successful to me was very much that "material ideal". You know, the cars and house and, and all of the bags and shoes and tons of money and fancy things or whatever.

So I had that in my head, as that's what success was.

And then when I started to redefine what success was to me, it meant:

  • spending time with people that I love

  • feeling happy and doing things that I enjoy

Success to me means that I get to do more of the things that I enjoy, like writing and doing things that are meaningful. And once I made that shift about success being less about material possession and more about my experience of life, a lot of things shifted for me.

When Sarah and I had this conversation on the Podcast and she started talking about burnout, and in the years to come… what the world is going to look like in this realm of business, it was just this huge conversation that we had to share with you to be honest.

Things are going be different in this business world. We want to have that conversation with you and we want to share our process in creating The Moon Sisters. How do you define Success?

Dalea Faulkner