Stand in your own Light


Don’t be afraid to stand in your own light.

Nowadays it’s so easy to catch yourself thinking about what OTHERS would think and using that outcome as a deciding factor of what YOU think, eat, wear, say, write, share. But if you can catch those moments, then in that moment you can make a conscious decision to rewrite your story about “XYZ”. And don’t ever feel guilty about those moments because we ALL have them.

Especially in such an advertising heavy world. We have social media stories, posts, television ads, YouTube, radio, the list goes on. Truthfully the majority of the stories we tell ourself about life philosophy, money, etc, it’s not our own but what we were taught to tell ourselves. Only in those moments of identifying when a thought or choice may not be fully your own are you able to actively choose what comes next.

Celebrate those moments because with them, comes massive growth. 

Sarah Anderegg