What is the Essence at your Core?

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Masculine Energy. Feminine Energy. Neither energy is "right" as we are all different. Regardless of your sex or gender, your core energy is where you feel most at home. Do you tend to lean towards "hustle" or "grind" energies? You may have a masculine core. Do you tend to lean towards "flow" or "allow" energies? You may have a feminine core. Neither core is right or wrong, the most important thing to takeaway here is identifying your own, so that you can create your own form of balance.

Your core energy can shift and evolve just as the phases of the moon and the nature of being human. My core energy used to be very masculine, and I became attached to that version or idea of myself. I have been evolving and becoming more feminine in my core. I let go of my attachment to dominant masculine energy, remembered that I am always made of BOTH and that feminine energy DOES NOT HAVE TO LOOK A CERTAIN WAY and neither does masculine.

Balancing the Masculine


Feeling burned out? That is the body telling you that your adrenals are smashed and your masculine energy has overrun your system. This is the time to stop and re-evaluate what you are prioritizing, how you are operating, and how you can shift into a space of more flow. How can you include more periods of rest and reset? Awaken your feminine energy by letting go and surrendering in meditation, moving your body through yoga, or dancing.


So often, people view "flow" as something very lackadaisical but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When you operate from a space of flow - you operate as your higher self, your most authentic self. When you surrender to the feminine energy of flow, you are trusting in the process, you are trusting in the universe and you are taking care of yourself first. Which is essential.

Balancing the Feminine


Feminine energy is vastly more powerful than we are lead to believe. When we are too oversaturated with feminine energy, we may become complacent, and stop taking action. While it is important to allow things to come to fruition, that is only half of the equation. Taking inspired action ignites the strongest part of your feminine energy and wakes up the masculine. Work with the cycles of the moon when it is in one of the fire element zodiac signs. Tap into your own inner fire, and take that inspired action!


One of the best things about true inspired action is that it allows you to embrace your inner child in a way. You create from a limitless mindset, you tap into your imagination and creativity like never before and that WORK becomes FUN!

The Moon Sisters