JuLy’s Business Pull by Dalea


You are the Weaver of your Path - Manifest Being Seen Deck

Message: How has your path changed since you started? 

What is your story? Have you taken the time to look back on your journey to reflect how far you have come? What this card is encouraging you to do this month, is to look at your journey and to share it with others. What is your brand story? How have things evolved for you since the beginning? Not only is it important for others to witness the beauty in your evolution, but it is time for you to give yourself that beautiful recognition as well. 

It doesn’t matter if you began just yesterday, or many moons ago, you have flowed and shifted in the ebbs of your business journey. Maybe you are not a business owner, this still applies to you. Reflect on how far you have come in your collaboration or cooperation with others in your job. What path were you on when you started? What path are you weaving for yourself now?

Remember that the Universe has your Back, and this message is encouraging you to share your story with others… someone out there needs to hear it.


JuLy’s Spirit pull by Sarah

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Wolf - Animal Allies Oracle Deck

Message: There is true and wild freedom within thoughtful and intentional constraints rather than simply “running wild”

This card has a few different interpretations. The wolf has a wild spirit, is incredibly loyal, and usually family is of the utmost importance. The wolf can be a reminder to keep your individual spirit but to always maintain a respect for the pack as a whole. But it also symbolizes the teacher. Trust your instincts to call forth new ideas deep inside your authentic self. 

Above all - the main message is to remember, we all are unique in own special ways, and if you carry the free spirit of the wolf inside you, you may be feeling an itch this month to bust out of any molds or boxes you put yourself in or felt placed into. 

You are encouraged to embrace this wild freedom that wants to come forth, but you are not to forget to balance your newfound energy with intention and create your own boundaries rather than just blazing like a bull in a china shop.


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June’s Business Pull by Sarah

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#33 Miracle - Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle Deck

Message - The frequency of Miracle supports our belief in ourselves as a part of Source and, therefore, our belief that anything is possible.

Relax. Don’t take life or business too seriously. This entire year has really been a whirlwind for most of us. A mix of both good and bad - the perfect storm. From business, religion, politics, personal lives of celebrities, our friends and family and our own are really being thrown through loops this year and that experience, depending upon your choice of perception is that of light and lessons or the latter. The one thing we can all agree on is that this world is ever changing and that ANYTHING is possible. The most radical of changes can happen at any moment. Too often we prepare for the the worst, but fail to see how even more powerful, benevolent miracles can also happen at any moment. The universe is asking you to rest. Take a deep breath and just simply trust. Rest your mind and your worries, stop trying to control and map out every single detail of your business.Stop “hustling” (yuck!) Five year plans are good to have but ya know that old saying? “We make plans and God laughs” Be flexible! Trust that your efforts are seen, your wishes are heard and that your miracle is coming - small but mighty miracles still make waves. You just have to believe.

In this card, the color purple indicated deep connection to the divine. Yellow reveals our sense of self as we realize our existence is an expression of the universe. Finally, there are NINE light sources around, which stands for completion.


June’s Spirit pull by Dalea


Manifesting and Doing - Sacred Creators Oracle

Message: In order to change your life, step into the consistency of your practice and you will make things happen!

Spirit is calling us to take action this month. We are in a space where all that we have been dreaming up, the energy that we have been cultivating and shifting, is ready for our inspired action. What are your next steps? What do you feel called to take action on right now? Step out of the mindset what what you are doing has to be hard, and step into the space of manifesting miracles and making things happen. What I see with this card and this energy is that it is really time for you to trust your communication with spirit and to step forward with divinely inspired action. That action can be small, divinely inspired doesn’t mean you need to go out and sign up for a marathon. I also see this card sharing that it’s time to take ownership, of your feelings, your mindset, your actions, and how you are communicating this with others. This is not a time to self sabotage, or do things with 50% enthusiasm, so whatever isn’t clicking… is probably time to go. Trust that what you are bringing into your energy is just around the riverbend… and it might just be time to head out into nature. Nature has a way of reminding us to live in gratitude, and amplifying our manifestations and abundance. Remember the essence of this card is Manifesting and Doing… it’s both, not one or the other. Follow through with your intentions.



May’s Business Pull by Dalea


Sri Yantra (Sacred Geometry) - The Ritual Deck

Center, Transcendence, Freedom

The mantra for this card is “Freedom is a state of mind I can access anytime.”

Message “ Freedom from your physical being is always available to you, and that you have the ability to experience it whenever you like”

The business message to me this month with the Sri Yantra card, is that it’s time to bring more of your spiritual self into your work. You cannot continue to work yourself to the bone, and fatigue your physical body. It is time to tap into spirit and balance the energies you are using at work. To go deeper, really implement this month’s Spiritual Card pull into your work life. NO matter your current life experience, situation, or circumstances, it’s time to take a breath and really take a look at what isn’t working for you. What business practices can you shift? What transitions may be necessary for you right now? What is your ideal work environment? Ask yourself how you can bring your higher self into these spaces to create the business atmosphere, and results into manifestation. Meditate or journal on it, and then take action from a space of grace and flow. Nix the hustle mode, it’s not going to serve you in the long run. Short bursts of hustle are ok, just make sure you aren’t living there… and when in doubt, sit down and have a cuppa tea with your higher self.


May’s Spirit Pull by Sarah

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Hathor (Receptivity) - The Goddess Oracle Deck

Message “Allow yourself to receive. This will increase your intuition, energy, and ability to give to others.”

We live in a time where we give without realizing. We give out energy out to more people that we can count between work, friends, family, relationships, social media and the like. For this spiritual pull, I am really feeling the significance of connecting to the feminine energy. You may have a maternal side and be the person to take care of everything and everybody. But this card signifies the importance of balancing that with receiving, which this deck refers to as the ESSENCE of feminine energy. You cannot give from an empty cup. Start to take note of the blessings and gifts that life has brought you, every single day. Even the smallest of things that may pass you by otherwise. Doing this will help ease into being comfortable being vulnerable and asking for help when you need it. Instead of feeling guilty or embarrassed when it comes to accepting guidance, help or gifts - learn to lean into the discomfort in order to grow and simply express gratitude and graciously allow the abundance to flow. Something magical that this deck says that I remind myself often is that, “the energy of receiving is just as natural as our energy of nurturing.”



april’s Business Pull by Sarah


The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards were my very first set of spiritual cards I ever owned, and so I found it perfectly fitting to use this deck to pull my first card for you. Each Goddess has a gorgeous and stunning imagery as well as a message from her on the front of the card. The message on the front of April’s card: “Honor the cycles of your body, energy levels and emotions. This obviously can ring true to our physical bodies, especially as women, due to the importance of listening to our bodies. This message also directly correlates to business because as entrepreneurs, employees, etc, we give SO much from a cup that may not even be full, or half full at that. April’s Business Message: Remember that self care isn’t selfish. I see images of someone who is exhausted, depleted and still is trying to fill themselves with artificial energy in order to power through when what they need to do is reset. It’s like trying to swim against the current. Your body and your intuition send messages that are both subtle and very blunt on the daily. I’m sure as you read this you are recalling all the little signs you’ve been given as of late. Take the time to listen to what your body is saying. Feel the rhythms of your body and your emotions and your momentum instead of trying to force them to match a different frequency. Open your mind and heart to what you are craving and take care of yourself first. Evaluate your energy and actions in your business and know that when you take care of yourself first - you are giving the best version of yourself to your business and whomever it may serve.


April’s Spirit Pull by Dalea


I was intensely drawn to the Untethered Soul deck for our Spiritual message for the month of April. When I sat down to do this reading, I asked, “What does our Community need right now?” and felt the energies of the cards. The beautiful thing about this deck, is that the backs of the cards have a variety of messages as well. The message on the back of April’s card: Going Beyond. This can mean so much on it’s own. What is it that you need to go beyond, to get closer to your soul, to your essence? The deeply spiritual message for the community hit me so hard, and I know that it will do the same for you. April’s Spiritual Message: True Freedom is very close; it’s just on the other side of your walls. What walls have you surrounded yourself with? Are there walls around your heart? Your mind? Have you been keeping those you love at arms length for fear of fully living in your authenticity? Sit here in this space, and really think about where you’d like to feel more freedom in your life. Explore those places, and look for the walls. Once you find them, you’ll know exactly what to do.