COVID-19 Support & Free Resources

by The Moon Sisters

Free Resources and Support in Stressful these Times

With so much going on worldwide right now, we wanted to contribute more calm and peace to the community. That being said, we both felt it would benefit the greater community by sharing some resources we felt would help from inside The Sacred Circle Membership. Our resources include Meditations, Yoga, and simple ways to make your mornings more joyful at home.

Releasing Anxiety Meditation

This meditation is geared to help support you in releasing anxiety and nervous energy.

Renewing Affirmation Meditation

You can do this meditation daily, even if you only have a good 5 minutes on hand. 

Yoga Flow for Energy Renewal

This yoga flow is both gentle and refreshing. Support your body during stressful times by unwinding with this Audio Yoga Flow.

In the midst of the whirlwind that is life right now, you may find yourself wanting to declutter, clean, let go of things, begin again with projects you have been wanting to do, or reviving old hobbies that have long been ignored. Now more than ever, we can clearly see what it is that we truly value, and what we what to take with us into our new reality. My wish for you is that you let go of the “shoulds” and you cling to the passions of your heart. You are magick, let it show.


Now is not the time to judge yourself for the choices you have made in the past. Now is the time to hold yourself in sacred self care, and give yourself the gift of your own love and grace. If you haven't started a Morning Ritual yet, to begin your day in a way that fills up your cup, take some time to create one. It is vital to your mental, emotional, and spiritual health to maintain a small piece of your day to honor how you feel, and breathe new light and energy into yourself.


Here are some Prompts to help you Create a Morning Ritual:

  • What does your current Morning Routine look like?
  • Do you get up early? Do you tend to sleep in?
  • Do you feel like your current routine is serving you?
  • What would your perfect morning look like?
  • What aspects of your perfect morning can you implement today?
  • Do you usually feel refreshed when you wake up?
  • What emotions are coming up for you today?
  • Is there anything you feel like you need to let go of? 
  • What are you inspired to take action on today?

Give yourself the opportunity to begin your day with a win. You don't need to create some elaborate hour long Ritual. I begin my day listening to a 10 minute meditation, as I am laying down in bed. After that, I go downstairs and light a single candle, and set an intention for how I want to feel. Then, I make myself either a cup of tea or coffee, and I drink that as I plan out my day. 


Allow yourself this space, no matter how small, and you will see a world of a difference in how you feel. 




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Our vision is to change the lives of thousand of souls throughout the entire planet, with the resources that helped us change our own. We all crave divine alignment, learning how to co-create with life and find our flow, in order to live life more peacefully and balanced.

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