Crystals & Oils for Self Love

by The Moon Sisters

When you combine Crystals, Oils, and Affirmations, you have a Recipe for Spiritual Health


Crystals are part of our history, and have so much to offer. They aren't some new-age fad. There are over 4,600 different types of stones, matrices, configurations, vibrations, and applications. If you're not 100% sold on Crystals holding, sustaining, or containing energy, let's spend take a quick minute to explore a little science. Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins) in response to applied mechanical stress. (Wikipedia) Did you know that crystals are included in computer circuiting, watches, and other devices for this reason? Everything is made up of energy; Essential oils, Crystals, Plants, Fruit, even YOU!

Essential Oils

It's no secret that Essential Oils have an effect on your mood, disposition, and emotions. Essential oils are able to quickly absorb into the body, and its bloodstream, to support the body on a cellular level. You are created to function as a whole.


The spirit, mind, and body are inseparably connected, communicating at a cellular level. Your body is made of intelligent cells, wired to restore health. In addition to that, emotions are information-carrying molecules that bind to and react with cell receptors. They go into the cell, impacting function and behavior. Essential oils are also able to penetrate the cell membrane, thus effecting your overall body function AND your emotions!


Crystals actually help to channel, focus and harness energy, when you are using them. Together with essential oils, you can feel and see incredible energetic results. When you combine Crystals, Oils, and Affirmations, you have a Recipe for Spiritual Health!

Self Love Crystals

  • ROSE QUARTZ: Rose Quartz's soft pink color and warm loving vibes make this the top crystal to use with deepening any kind of love. Specifically, Rose Quartz can help you connect to and open your Heart Chakra.
  • MALACHITE: The bright and vibrant green colors of Malachite could be considered a physical representation of Heart Chakra energy. Use Malachite when feelings of "not-enough" start to creep up.

Self Love Essential Oils

  • ROSE: Rose essential oil holds the highest vibrational energy of all essential oils. Cultivate a deeper self love by applying Rose essential oil to your heart center and wrists.
  • GERANIUM: Geranium essential oil has very similar chemical properties to Rose essential oil, making it a beautiful replacement. Diffuse Geranium or apply to your heart center and wrists to deepen feelings of self love.

Self Love Affirmations

  • I feel no need to apologize for taking care of myself.
  • I let go of all negative self talk and focus on the light inside of me.
  • My self worth is boundless and evergreen.
  • I am deserving of all good things.
  • I accept myself exactly as I am.

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