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Where can I subscribe for updates from The Moon Sisters?

If you're not a Sacred Subscriber yet, we would LOVE to have you! As a Sacred Subscriber, you get to know insider details before anyone else! When you sign up for our updates we will send you:

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Do you Have a Facebook Group?

We sure do! You can Join our Facebook group below! Whether you are a member of The Sacred Circle, or just want to hang out with us online, you are absolutely welcome to join the group!

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WELCOME TO OUR CIRCLE! This is your Sacred Space to learn more about tapping into your Divine Feminine Power. We are committed to sharing love, ligh...

How do I enable 3rd party cookies, to get the best experience?

Perfect! This is different depending on which browser you are using, but lucky for you, we have a handy Enabling Cookies Guide set up just for this reason! Click here to enable 3rd Party Cookies on your Browser.

Where are the Elixirs, Blends, etc. made?

That depends on if Sarah or Dalea is making it! Your order may be coming from either Colorado or California. Most orders ship from Colorado, as that is the home base for “The Moon Sisters”. If you want to learn a bit more about Sarah and Dalea, Check out Our Roots and the story of how “The Moon Sisters” came to be.

What kinds of ingredients do you use?

We only use the highest quality herbs, essential oils, crystals, and bases for our products. We know how important it is to use not only high vibe ingredients, but high quality too. We also know that whatever you put on your body goes in your body, and of course we want to make sure that is filled with luxurious, healthy, and quality ingredients. You can see the ingredients listed in each product description inside the Apothecary, to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting when you order.

Why should I join the Sacred Circle?

Because regardless of age, where you are in your journey and life path - we all could use a little more Magick in our lives. We all crave divine alignment, learning how to co-create with life and find our flow, in order to live more peacefully and balanced. It’s a never ending learning process, even for us as the creators. We’re always students first and that’s why even WE use our own membership everyday

The Sacred Circle is for the stay at home mom who needs to start taking care of herself again, it’s for the badass entrepreneur woman who needs to balance her work and life relationships, it’s for the more mature woman who’s in a later phase in life who craves to feel Magick in her everyday life, it’s for the young woman who feels like she doesn’t have a tribe or place she “fits in” to become part of a tribe of supportive and strong women from all walks of life. 

Why should you join? 

You should join because the infinite resources that are updated every month to help rejuvenate, revive and refuel your soul will set your life on fire in the biggest yet most peaceful way. You’ll become more fulfilled than before and combined with the sisterhood of this tribe of incredible women, well... ;) Join the Sacred Circle today… you can definitely sit with us

Where can I find your Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions etc?

Such a great question! You can read all about our policies right here on the website!

What is the best way to contact The Moon Sisters?

If you have a question, comment, or a request for us, please send us a message! We love connecting with you and are always looking for ways to bring more light into our space! Contact us here!