New Moon Magick

by The Moon Sisters

How can we Work with the Energy of the New Moon?

The New Moon is always an exciting time. Just after a short period of darkness, a tiny sliver of light appears, and we begin to see the unfolding of another beautiful moon cycle before us. 


If you've never worked with the energy of the New Moon, but have an awareness about it (i.e. you've seen your friends post about charging their crystals) you're in the right place. This is a basic way to work alongside the energy of the New Moon and support you in setting your intentions to manifest your goals, once the moon becomes full. 



The New Moon is the perfect time to create new intentions for the current moon cycle. What do you want to align with? What would feel great for you? Just decide. We have the power to start fresh everyday, and you have the power to decide.  Take some time to unplug and reset. This is a beautiful time to welcome in the silence, and meditate on the good, bad, and the ugly. All the shifts and energetic changes that have happened and are happening are beautiful. Allow yourself some space for self care and energetic healing. This is a great time to journal, turn inward, and sit with your inner knowing for a while. We have some great journal questions for you at the bottom of this article.



We have said it time and again, but things don't have to look a certain way. Your practice, is your practice, and you can't do it wrong. That being said, we wanted to share a few things that you can include in your Ritual either together, or individually, that will help you to connect deeper with New Moon Energy, and with yourself

  • CHARGE YOUR CRYSTALS: If you have crystals, or any other special items/tools you'd like to infuse with New Moon Energy, now is a great time to put them in a window that will be passed over by the moon through the night. Be mindful, that New Moon energy is best suited for intention setting, and is also very cleansing.
  • MAKE MOON WATER: Making moon water is very similar to charging crystals. Find a Mason Jar or other similar vessel, fill it with water, and set it with your charging crystals, so that it can be bathed in night. You can use this energy infused water to make a natural facial spray, or natural pillow spray for your bed. We like New Moon water for cleansing our spaces energetically and physically. 
  • MEDITATION: The New Moon is a wonderful time to go within, set intentions, and learn more about yourself. One of the best ways to do this is through meditation. We have a free Renewing Affirmation Meditation here on our blog, and a number of longer Meditations inside The Sacred Circle. Give yourself the space to breathe and unwind in meditation.
  • CLEANSING RITUAL BATH: If you are lucky enough to have a bathtub, then you will definitely want to take a cleansing bath! If you end up wanting to do a cleansing bath, we recommend using these tools. Make it your own and enjoy the soak!
    • Relaxing Music
    • Candles
    • ​Epsom Salt
    • Lavender Essential Oil
    • Rosemary Essential Oil
    • Dried Rosemary
    • Dried Lavender Flowers
  • CLEANSE YOUR SPACE: Physically cleaning (to an extent) can be quite relaxing to some, and stressful to others. The New Moon more so calls on the energy of spiritual cleanse. We have a great resource here on the blog to Cleanse your Space. Remember that the things you do with New Moon don't need to be elaborate.
  • LIGHT A CANDLE: It really can be as simple as lighting a candle and expressing your intentions. Candles are a lovely way to celebrate the light returning in the New Moon and to set your new Intentions. Make sure that if you do choose to light a candle (or more) that they are safely lit, and aren't going to accidentally cause a fire. 
  • GET CREATIVE: If you like getting crafty, or want to learn to be more creative, this is a perfect opportunity to explore that! Paint something. Write a poem. Find a Pinterest craft that you have been wanting to make! (Tip: We love heading to the Dollar Tree for our craft supplies!)
  • BODY LOVE: Move your body lovingly, in a way that feels good for you. Whether that's Yoga, (check out our Audio Flows inside The Sacred Circle) Belly Dancing, Walking, or hitting the Gym, moving your body is a surefire way to tap into your Feminine energy.
  • OIL BLEND: Get intentional by creating a special oil blend with crystals, herbs, and essential oils! We love our Moonlight Manifest Blend in our Apothecary, but you can get creative and put something together on your own! 
  • JOURNAL & VISUALIZE: As mentioned before, this is a wonderful time to journal, and set your intentions for this moon cycle. Think about what you want to bring to fruition by the next Full Moon!


Reminding you that your New Moon Practice can be as simple or elaborate as you'd like, we wrote a beautiful invocation that lends to New Moon Energy. You can incorporate this into a Meditation, Yoga Practice, Candle Intentions, really, any of the practices we have listed above. 


Taking time to reflect and shine light on what you desire and what you desire to change is a beautiful practice to work together with New Moon Energy.

  • Which feelings do I want to feel during this next moon cycle?
  • What actions can I take (or not take) to help create and cultivate more of these feelings?
  • What currently feels out of alignment for me, that I want to bless and release?
  • What feels true for me, right now, in this moment?
  • How do I want my body to feel during this moon cycle?
  • What actions can I take (or not take) to help create and cultivate more of these feelings in my physical body?
  • What would feel really fulfilling for me to do during this moon cycle? (Goals, ideas, projects, etc.)
  • What actions can I take (or not take) to help support this fulfillment coming to fruition?

We hope that you have a beautiful time connecting with the Energy of The New Moon, and if you're ready to dive into your journey even more, we would love to have you Join Us inside The Sacred Circle




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