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Join us June 4th - 8th, 2020 during the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse to Awaken your Spirit, Enliven your Soul, and Spark the Divine Essence inside!

We are so excited to offer this amazing opportunity for women to learn how to navigate their energy in life and business, and to connect deeply with their feminine essence. This retreat is a physical manifestation and expansion of what we provide inside our online membership, The Sacred Circle. The Moon Sisters Retreat is designed specifically for women, with the intention to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

When is the retreat?

June 4th - June 8th, 2020. This is such a beautiful time astrologically, as we will get to experience not only a full moon, but a Lunar Eclipse as well! The energy of each day will be slightly different, allowing you to express and experience different parts of yourself that you may have not even discovered yet!

  • The energy of day 1

    • Day 1 of the retreat is going to be a beautiful time to get to know each other, and also enjoy a delicious meal. We plan to keep this evening light and flowy, so that you can unwind after a day of traveling. If you arrive to the property early, you can take a look around and spend some time in nature, and of course bring your things to your room!

  • The energy of day 2

    • Day 2 of the retreat is all about Self Care, Self Love, and Intentions. We will begin our day with a beautiful Yoga flow before breakfast. Today we will be creating and crafting items to help support you in your self care practice, and uncover limiting beliefs you want to release. We will finish off the day with a Full Moon Circle Ceremony where you can affirm your intentions, and step into the highest version of yourself.

  • The energy of day 3

    • Day 3 of the retreat is going to be wildly expansive as we spend time connecting with the elements of water and earth, venturing out into nature, and tuning in to the needs of our bodies. We will spend time creating, sharing, and connecting with each other. We will end our day with Yoga, Meditation, and evening tea to wind down.

  • The energy of day 4

    • Day 4 of the retreat is all about tapping into the Goddess and the Gladiator within all of us. Today will be balanced with time outdoors where you can choose to connect with yourself and others how you see fit, and working through The Goddess & The Gladiator course. This day is not just focused on business. Whether you own a business or not, what we do today is essential to learning more about your divine essence. To finish off a full day of learning, we will unwind with Meditation, Yoga, and evening tea.

  • The energy of day 5

    • Day 5 of the retreat is our farewell day. We will spend the hours of our morning connecting with eachother in a beautiful closing ceremony. As the final day of the retreat, we expect emotions to be high and hearts to be full. Our hope is to send you off with the empowering belief and knowledge that all you every need, is always within you.

What is included?

Our Retreat is all inclusive, with the exception of travel. You will be provided everything you need to enjoy the retreat to its fullest, and create lasting positive change in your life. Here are just a few of the things that are included with the cost of your ticket:

  • Official Retreat Program Workbook

  • Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon Ritual

  • Exclusive Retreat Only Grimoire

  • The Goddess & The Gladiator Course, LIVE and IN PERSON with The Moon Sisters

  • Your Attendee Charm Bag filled with Sponsor Gifts

  • Yoga Sessions lead by Sarah Anderegg

  • Meditation Sessions lead by Dalea Faulkner

  • Tea Blend Making

  • Essential Oil education and crafting

  • Hike Seven Falls

  • Herbal Spell Gris-Gris crafting

  • Card Pulls and Readings

  • Exclusive Retreat Only Yoga Mat

  • Official Retreat Hoodie

  • Mala Necklace Crafting

  • All Inclusive Gluten Free-Organic-Vegetarian Meals cooked by in house Chefs

  • 2 Hour Soak in the SunWater Spa 

  • Magick from The Moon Sisters Apothecary

  • Alone time to go out in nature and connect

  • Your lodging (choose to room with other Moon Sisters or go Solo!)

  • A full year of access to The Sacred Circle Membership ($312 value!)

  • And more surprises that we can’t share just yet!

Where is the Retreat?

SunMountain Center is a creative sanctuary for wellness, offering lodging accommodations for wellness retreats or bed-and-breakfast guests. The eclectic property and urban farm provides inspiration through nature, art, locally-sourced cuisine, and history.

Located in Manitou Springs at the base of Tava (Pikes Peak), SunMountain Center is the perfect venue for The Moon Sisters Retreat and the experience we want you to have. The property features two historic homes situated on six acres of terraced gardens, complete with walking & meditation trails and stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

SunMountain Center creates an unmatched atmosphere encompassing the surreal tranquility of nature while offering an intimate setting for our retreat. The Moon Sisters Retreat is designed specifically for women, with the intention to nourish your body, mind, and soul. The impeccable staff at SunMountain Center inspires an interest in the surrounding culture and encourages guests to partake in activities such as touring the land, venturing into the historic city of Manitou Springs, escaping to the neighboring SunWater Spa for a blissful soak in the Hot Mineral Tubs, as well as many other enticing endeavors.

Who is sponsoring the retreat?

That is such a great question! We are proud to share that these amazing souls are supporting you in your Retreat experience! Many of our sponsors are sending AMAZING goodies to go in your Retreat Charm Bags! As more Sponsors connect with us, you will be able to see them here!

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What is the cost?

There are two payment options available for the Retreat. You can pay in full for $1777 and you’ll be all set! Just make sure to book yourself a flight and you’ll be retreat ready! We also have an option that will only be open for a limited time to hold your spot for $250. This deposit is non-refundable and the remainder of your Retreat cost must be paid in full before April 5th. We are only taking 18 attendees, and can’t wait to see you there!