Sacred Boundaries in Authenticity

by The Moon Sisters

What does showing up as your Authentic Self look like for you?

If we don't change, we're not growing and if we're not growing, we're not changing.


These things go hand in hand, and so does your authenticity. The authentic version of yourself, is going to be different than it was yesterday, and two months ago, and a year ago, etc, etc. But let me get a little raw and real with you... I remember being super militant and kind of hipstery about certain things and saying, "oh, well, you know, I've been doing that for 30 years or whatever" when people questioned me, saying "well, I've never seen you do that."


Why is this important? Some things are just for you. You don't have to let everybody in on all aspects and all facets of yourself. You don't have to be so much of an open book that any, and everybody knows everything about you. I know we always talk about Tony Robbins, but there's so much to know about Tony Robbins, right? He's, one of the biggest, supportive, life changing, coaches out there in the world. And I know 100%, for a fact that, that there's pieces of him that only his family and his close circles of friends gets to see, and gets to know.


Give yourself permission to also not share everything about yourself and know that that is okay. Know that it can be authentic too. You don't have to show up on your social media and be like, "this is my Sunday morning and my hair messy". If you want to share that and that feels good, do it. There's no wrong way to be yourself.


We want to encourage you to continually discover who you are and how much of yourself you feel comfortable sharing with people. Sometimes you got to step outside that comfort zone for sure. But definitely give yourself permission to kind of be a little uncomfortable with it and try things on and see what fits. Allow yourself some Sacred Boundaries.


What does showing up as your Authentic Self look like for you?




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